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Our monthly memberships are a great way to save money on all services that we offer. There are 3 different options/tiers to choose from, and whichever you choose, the monthly membership fee is autodrawn from your account on the same day of each month, and that money is then added to your bank/wallet or used for your monthly facial at Amplified Beauty. The money (if banked) accumulates until you use it, and never expires. Clients can use banked dollars towards any services at Amplified Beauty, and receive those services at a discounted rate (discount vary depending on which tier you choose). 

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$99 Month

$89 Month

$199 Month

monthly custom facial

10% off all skincare products and services

$25 signup fee

money banks
& rolls over

10% off all skincare products and services

$49 sign up fee

money banks
& rolls over

20% off all skincare products and services

$49 signup fee

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$50 birthday month gift card 

exclusive quarterly member only specials

your balance never expires

Your membership is added to your Amplified Beauty wallet each month to be used towards any service at the discounted rate of your membership. 

Terms • 6 month minimum commitment. 30 day written notice to cancel. There is a one time $25/49 start up fee. Contract signature required before discount can be given. Discounts cannot be combined with any other specials unless otherwise stated. All memberships are subject to price increase and will notify client with 60 day notice. Please see contract for full terms and conditions.  

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